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No Compromise... Only the Very Best.. World's Best!

Author: Niharika N | | Categories: blessings , care , hardwork , honest , prayers , truely organic , with love

I often see dad relentlessly working at his desk in the early hours of the morning. Organising the day that is yet to set its steady feet on the ground. He believes in being organised and chalks a To Do List - procure fodder for the cows, immunisation due for new baby calves, visit by electricity department person... and so on.. It's a list that with stay sacred for the day, neatly ticked off one item at the time as he completes those task as hours progress.

In these multitude of tasks I often drop my queries, suggestions and support requests. Varied from watching my two munchkins, taking them to the farm (which he does with the highest joy) to procuring stock of bottles or labels from some back of beyond place in Old Delhi, to discussions on what is a better label design. Stuck between his TD everything eventually gets done, mostly before the sun goes to bed. A great reassurance for the seeds sown of the brand that is Earth Organic. 
It's like he fuels everything and still refills himself before the next day. 
What is marvellous about how dad works is, he doesn't bat an eyelid. Old employees get scouted by neighbouring farms, water pumps go konk, food crop gets wasted or over flooded- their is always solace in the fact that dad would be a true rock ( not surprisingly he is a tarus sign of the zodiac). His only guidance is "we must use the highest quality ingredients and create a best in the world product, at any cost, no compromise"
Outwardly active and engrossed in creating magic as he supports the farm to flourish inwardly I never see him stir. 
There is a lot of constant hard work and vigilance that goes into sustaining the highest quality of our output. It would not be possible if the man who is the engine would doubt the capability of the creators abundance and presence. His faith in fairness and his honesty in effort allows us to bring to the world these products with NO COMPROMISE.
We pray they bring you good health too