The Humble Hibiscus Flower (Japapushpa)

Author: Niharika N |

Lord Ganesha’s favourite flower-the lovely red hibiscus or the shoe flower as it is popularly called has unique medicinal properties in its flower and leaves. It is packed with goodness for reducing both hair fall and dandruff, and conditioning our crowning glory beautifully.

In Ayurveda,  the humble white hibiscus and red hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), have always been  considered to have medicinal properties.  As a hair treatment, the flowers and dried leaves are boiled in oil ,in our case pure organic Amla Hair Oil; along with other spices like fenugreek that is sprouted in Aloe Vera leaves, along with kaddi patta leaves to make a very potent medicated nourishing oil : The Amla Hibiscus Hair Oil

The leaves and flowers of Hibiscus are good for promoting the new growth, sustaining dark colour of hair, reducing dandruff and hair loss.

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