Organic Amla Tea

Earth Organic
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Made from Certified Organic Sundried Amlas

Richest source of Vitamin C

Amla tea drinkers can likely expect increased energy, improved immunity, better digestive function, higher sleep quality and increased mental acuity.

Sweeten with honey to finish, and you’ve got a pure, concentrated amla tea.

Contents: 14 organic amla tea bags

Making Tea: Pour boiling water over tea bag, let it stand for 2 min. Serve hot.

Amla is priceless....

Amla has been shown to hold a number of properties beneficial to health and wellness; for example, the fruit is a powerful antioxidant -- primarily due to the presence of tannins, which intensity the effect of its vitamin C content -- as well as a detoxifier and cleanser, antiseptic, and antitumor agent. When monitored by a physician or other medical provider, the fruit has been successfully used in the treatment of various conditions, including skin and hair health, diabetes, various types of cancers and gastrointestinal disorders.